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March 6-8, 2020

Southern Arizona Championships


Registration Deadline: 2/19/2020

Note: U7 and U8 teams will be allowed to play with just a roster — but the roster must be registered players and verified by Club president, DOC or registrar.

Age Groups Group Format Max Roster Guest Players Allowed Game Length Registration Fee
U7-U8 4v4 8 3 4×10 $150
U9-U10 7v7 14 3 2×22 $310
U10-U12 9v9 18 3 2×25 $410
U13-U19 11v11 22 5 2×30 $460
Mr. Giebner was born in Saxony, Germany December 1910. He was reared in the German countryside until the age of fifteen, when he moved to Chicago, Illinois. Due to his lack of formal training in the English language, he elected to play “catch up” in night school and completed all 8 grades of grammar school in a year and a half. He then proceeded through Carl Schurz high school in Chicago and received his college degree from Northwestern University after seven years of night school.

 Mr. Geibner was a soccer player in the Chicago area, and was the senior goalie from 1929 through 1936. During the 1936 season, facial stitches as well as a broken foot prompted the change from player to referee.

 The late 30s had Richard Giebner refereeing major national cup garnes and in 1939 he was the referee for the Inter-city rivalry between St. Louis and Chicago.

The Second World War then took Mr. Giebner out of the middle of the fleld until 1946. Upon returning to Chicago, his career resumed and by 1959 he was one of the chosen referees for the Pan American games in Chicago.

 In 1963 he was elected to the F.I.F.A. as one of the seven referees representing the United States in that world soccer body. Mr. Giebner’s game experience ranged from World Cup elimination games in Costa Rica to the U.S. final game in Los Angeles. His career total of over 20 international matches gives him a degree of experience unmatched by many.

 Dick Giebner moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1977 and has been an active referee as well as organizer of many related soccer groups that, through his dedication, have brought Tucson soccer where it is today, a viable, growing, healthy sport for all.

… We miss him.