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Session 1: U9-10 schedule link.

Session 2: U9-10 schedule link.

Session 3: U9-10 schedule link.

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Event Code: d86320
Event PIN: 2424

Session 1: U11-19 schedule link.

Session 2: U11 – U14 Scheduling link.

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Event Code: 0a183e
Event PIN: 2424

Links to ACCEPTED Teams Listing

Currently, all age groups have only one division listed and teams are being placed in that single division. As more teams get players registered and then sign up for the event, we will begin to add more divisions to the age groups and start the flighting process. This is NOT the final flighting. As soon as registration closes, flighting will be finalized and coaches and managers will be emailed and asked to review. Please don’t send Maggie emails at this time regarding flighting

U9 – U10 (2013-2014) teams –

U11 – U19 (2004-2012) teams –


Dear All,

This was emailed to coaches, managers, team contacts and club administrators whose emails are associated with a team playing in the U15-19 PCJSL 2022-23 season. I apologize for duplicates, but since there are teams that still do not have rosters set up (which means there may be people missing from this email) I need to be sure everyone sees this and understand the deadline that is being set. Matchups have been created for all teams. Everyone needs to go to the link below to review their team play dates and notify PCJSL of ANY CONFLICTS no later than 5pm Monday, Aug 22. Please talk with your team’s administrators and decide who will email PCJSL on behalf of the team.

U15-19 Matchups Posted

IF YOUR TEAM HAS ONE OR MORE CONFLICTS PCJSL.SCHEDULER@GMAIL.COM MUST RECEIVE AN EMAIL BY 5PM ON MONDAY, AUG 22. The email must include the date and the game number of any game you cannot play because of a conflict. If a game COULD be played on that date, but needs to be scheduled at a time that date to avoid the conflict, include that information in your email.

When I receive an email, if the conflict is simply a block of time on the play date, I will add a special time request to your team profile and reply to you to confirm that I received your email. If the conflict involves not being able to play on that date I will place that game on a holding date (August 1, 2022 will be used since it is in the past and there can be no confusion about that game not having a current play date). I will then reply, copying your opponent’s coach/manager and I will list your options for getting that game scheduled.

Options will include playing double-headers on another Saturday, playing on a Sunday at Kino in one of the extra SAAZ slots they are providing for PCJSL, playing mid-week on a practice field of yours or your opponents, playing on Wednesday at Ochoa (6pm or 8pm slots) on a field PCJSL has retained for these conflict make-ups, playing on a Tucson tournament weekend (if both teams did not enter the tournament), etc.

Just a heads up – I currently have some Kino slots for Saturday, Aug 27 and Sunday, Aug 28 for any pair of teams that would be ready to play next weekend and that option will be included, but it would be best if you don’t wait until 5pm on Monday to send me your email as I don’t have a large number of slots.

If you are a club administrator, club president, club DOC – PLEASE make sure all of your U15-19 teams see this. FAILURE TO NOTIFY PCJSL OF A DATE CONFLICT BY 5PM MONDAY, AUG 22 will cause your club to be charged a minimum of $50 in order to change a date. As the calendar gets closer to the conflict date, the charge goes up to make a change. If a team waits to change a date within 7 days of the scheduled game, the charge will be $100 and if a change is attempted within 24 hours of a game (or a team fails to show) the charge will be $150. PLEASE DON’T LET YOUR COACHES/MANAGERS IGNORE THIS AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY SEE THIS EMAIL.

Anyone with questions can reach out to me by replying to email sent or emailing @ pcjsl.scheduler@pcjsl directly.

I’m looking forward to a great season!



Register Here – More Season Information in the document below.


U11-19 (Birth Year 2004 through 2012) teams –

U9-10 (Birth Year 2013 and 2014) teams –