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General Forms and Policies

Member Confirmation Memo

When accompanied by current US Club Soccer passcards and an Official Roster, this letter confirms that your club/team is a member of US Club Soccer in good standing. You may use it at U.S. Soccer Federation-affiliated tournaments to answer questions that may arise about insurance, travel, rosters, etc. If you would like a more specific letter, please e-mail your regional administrator. If you need a certificate of insurance to travel to a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament, see Request for Certificate of Insurance (#C011).

Request a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

To request a certificate of liability insurance (COI) for a US Club Soccer member organization or a field/facility owner a member organization is using for US Club Soccer-sanctioned programming, please complete the US Club Soccer Certificate of Liability Insurance Request Form, then submit a ticket to US Club Soccer’s member administration team with the completed form as an attachment. Please allow a minimum of three business days for processing.

Player Loan Form

Use this form to loan a US Club Soccer-registered player for a specific competition from one US Club Soccer club/org to another. See the instructions on the form for more information.

Player Information, Medical Treatment Authorization, Liability Waiver/Release and Consent Form

The parent/guardian (in the case of a minor player) or adult player is to complete this form as part of the US Club Soccer player registration process.

For the 2022-23 registration year, the previous version of this form will continue to be accepted if it was previously completed (and still valid) or already in use with a member org’s internal registration process. In all other situations, this new version should be used. In the future, it is anticipated that completion of Form #R002 will be required on an annual basis.

This form is to be retained by the US Club Soccer member organization for at least five (5) years or until the player’s 18th birthday, whichever occurs last, and be provided to US Club Soccer upon request.

PCJSL Financial / Admin Forms

PCJSL is a member league of US Club. Additional forms can be found at Forms & Documents – US Club Soccer Website