D & R

D & R

Detlef Lange
PCJSL Vice President

Red Card Suspensions:

Please fill out the PCJSL Referee Send Off Report (found at PCJSL Referee Page) and mail the offender’s player card and original game card to:
PCJSL D & R c/o Detlef Lange
4471 N Cerritos Drive
Tucson, AZ 85745-9557
(520) 419-4829
Forms can also be faxed to (520) 743-9967

To Fulfill Your Suspension, a Suspension Fulfillment Form may be mailed to PCJSL D & R c/o Detlef Lange , 4471 N Cerritos Drive, Tucson, AZ 85745-9557, Forms can also be faxed to (520) 743 9967. Include your mailing address, and the player/admin card will be mailed to you. Please give enough time if you expect the return of the card timely in order for the person to participate at the next scheduled play date.

When a coach, assistant coach, administrator, spectator or player is given a suspension for a red card or ejection from the field, a Suspension Fulfillment Form (available at www.pcjsl.com under forms) must be completed and signed by the referees officiating at the game(s) where they are “sitting out.” Coaches, assistant coaches and administrators may not participate in any manner, including cell phones. Any person serving a red card should not sit in the immediate vicinity of the team and/or its spectators although they may be at the park. A team administrator is responsible for having the Suspension Fulfillment Form signed by the referees. A player shall serve his/her game suspension(s) with the team to which they are officially rostered with AYSA. If the player is multiple rostered, the suspension shall be served on his/her primary team. Red card sanctions received in PCJSL games must be served in PCJSL games except when the misconduct is referred to AYSA then AYSA will determine the sanction. Forms are available on the Forms page of the PCJSL web site.

This is a reminder that suspensions not fully served during this season, carry with you into next years play. Please insure that any Suspension Fulfillment Forms are turned in so we can release you from your suspension, otherwise your team, even if you change teams or leagues, will not be able to print a card for you in the fall.


Date ID # Team Club Violation Suspension Comment
05/26/2017 1548386 Simeon Olvero(coach) USAGirls02 Renegades Administrative Violations 3 Games NA
04/22/2017 5442405 U19M Revolution98 SVSC Double Yellow 1 Game NA
04/22/2017 9015504 U17B 00 Blue TSA Double Yellow 1 Game NA
04/15/2017 5600179 U18B Argentina Renegades Double Yellow 1 Game NA
04/15/2017 5600179 U19B 98B Blue TVSC Double Caution/Insults/Threats Suspended for rest of season/Referred to Committee for additional action NA
04/15/2017 3911711 U17B 00 White TVSC Language/player directed 1 Game NA
04/15/2017 9070830 U17B 00 Chivas Ft Lowell Language/player directed 1 Game NA
04/15/2017 7732364 U17B 00 Chivas Ft Lowell Language/player directed 1 Game NA
04/01/2017 5441915 U17B SV Revolution Sierra Vista Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
03/25/2017 9564577 U19B SV Revolution 98 Sierra Vista Violent Conduct(attempt to strike) 3 games NA
03/25/2017 4898497 U19B Ft Lowell Barcelona 99 Ft Lowell Violent Conduct(shoving 2 games NA
03/25/2017 Coach Michael Phillips U17B TSA 00 Blue TSA Dissent/Continued dissent after game 3 games (1+1, +1) NA
03/25/2017 070-03705-04 U19B TSA Blue TSA Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
03/22/2017 9120178 U19B Renegades USA98Boys Renegades Lying to League Officials Suspension for remainder of 16/17 season NA
03/17/2017 Coach Jesus Santillan U15B Renegades Barcelona Renegades Use of an Illegal Player 1 Year Suspension from all Club soccer activities. Effective until 3/17/2018 NA
03/01/2017 Coach Carlos Vergara U14B Freedom Pachukaz Freedom Language 1+1(2 game days) NA
02/25/2017 Coach Ernesto Guerra U11B TSA06Nogales TSA Non directed Language/Dissent 2+1(3 game days) NA
02/4/2017 Coach Luis Gutierrez U11G 06 Cardinals White SASC Offensive, insulting and abusive language 3 +1(4 games) NA
01/28/2017 Parent (name being investigated) 13B Barcelona Renegades Directed Language, Disruptive presence 3 +1(4 games) NA
12/03/2016 7681108 13B Revolution 04 Sierra Vista SC Language,non-directed 1 Game NA
11/12/2016 9112930 13B Barcelona 05B Renegades SC Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
11/12/2016 8097032 13B 04 Spartans Freedom SC Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
11/12/2016 3946926 18B 99Gold CDO 2CT 1 Game NA
11/12/2016 6610470 18B TM 99 Thundercats Milan Red Fort Lowell DOGSO-Handling 1 Game NA
11/5/2016 9112930 16B TM Rayados 01 Blue Fort Lowell Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
11/5/2016 8883098 16B Renegades Barcelona 01B Renegades 2Ct Second red card in season 2 Games NA
11/5/2016 Coach Jerome Briggs 12G TSA Mercury TSA Dissent, Additional Dissent After Removal 3 Game Days NA
11/5/2016 Parent(not yet identified) 12G TSA Mercury TSA Dissent , Refusal to leave resulting in cancellation of game 3 Game Days NA
11/5/2016 Jersey 31 17B 00 Boys White TVSC 2 CT 1 Game NA
11/5/2016 Jersey 10 17B 00 Chivas Fort Lowell 2 CT 1 Game NA
10/29/2016 4594455 U19M 98Boys Blue TVSC 2 CT 1 game NA
10/29/2016 Parent Luis Aries Tucson Aztecs 01 Red Tucson Aztecs Cursing at Official, Refusing to leave field area 6 Game Days NA
10/29/2016 Parent Mr Hernandez U16M TM Rayados 01 Blue Fort Lowell Entering field without permission, refusal to leave field area 4 Game Days NA
10/29/2016 5525193 U17M TM 00 Thundercats Milan Fort Lowell DOGSO-Handling 1 game NA
10/29/2016 9120170 U19M USA98B Renegades 2 Ct 1 game NA
10/29/2016 4594455 U15M 02 Boys White TVSC V C 3 games NA
10/8/2016 Coach Walter Sanchez TVSC TVSC Use of Illegal Player 3 Game Days NA
10/8/2016 Coach Jose Miranda TVSC TVSC Use of Illegal Player 1 Game Day NA
10/1/2016 5473763 15UB 02 Thundercats Milan Fort Lowell Dbl Yellow 1 Game Served 10/22
10/1/2016 9070830 00CHivas Fort Lowell Dbl Yellow 1 Game Served 10/15
10/1/2016 7603559 Revolution01 Sierra Vista Dbl Yellow 1 Game Served 10/8
10/1/2016 8985151 01 Boys Chelsea White Sereno Nogales Head Injury Protocol TBD Released 10/14
10/1/2016 57206400 01 Boys Chelsea White Sereno Nogales Dbl Yellow 1 Game NA
9/17/2016 8883098 U16B Barcelona 01 Renegades Dbl Yellow 1 Game Served 10/1
9/17/2016 5128337 U15G TSA 02 Blue TSA Head Injury Protocol TBD NA
9/17/2016 5344629 U18B 99 CDO Gold CDO Dbl Yellow 1 Games Served 10/1
9/17/2016 4795804 U18B 99 CDO Gold CDO Dbl Yellow 1 Games Served 10/1
9/10/2016 9123482 U19B 98 Spartans Freedom SFP 2 Games Served 9/17 and 10/8
9/10/2016 6973733 U18B Argentina Renegades Dbl Yellow 1 Game Served 10/1
4/16/2016 8284453 Spartans Freedom Language Directed At Ref 3 Games NA
4/9/2016 Coach 98 Boys TSA Language 3+1=4 Games NA
4/5/2016 Parent – Raul TM Barcelona 00 Ft. Lowell Language 3+1=4 Games NA
3/19/2016 Coach Blue Angels Freedom Language 3+1=4 Games NA
3/19/2016 4636943 Blue Angels Freedom Violent Conduct 3 Games NA
4/2/2016 4801714 99B Gold CDO Serious Foul Play 1 Game NA
3/26/2016 4718546 00B Gold CDO Dissent Directed at Referee 1 Game Fulfilled
3/26/2016 4852920 00 Boys Blue TSA Language directed at referee 3 Game NA
3/26/2016 5474142 01/00 Boys Blue TSA Second Yellow 1 Game Fulfilled
3/19/2016 5539227 99 Gunners Ft Lowell Dbl Yellow 1 Game NA
3/19/2016 6294684 SASC Argentina SASC Dissent Directed at Ref 1 Game NA
3/19/2016 5703288 00 White Sereno Tucson Dbl Yellow 1 Game Fulfilled
3/19/2016 4059301 00 White Sereno Tucson Dbl Yellow 1 Game Fulfilled
3/19/2016 1170719 Coach 00 White Sereno Tucson Dissent 2 (1+1) Games Fulfilled
3/12/2016 5128963 Sierra Vista / Wilcox SVSC Second Yellow, Dissent Directed at Referee 2 (1+1) Games NA
3/12/2016 147991 Sereno Nogales Sereno SC, Nogales Dissent Directed at Referee 4 (3+1) Games NA
2/20/2016 5526870 TVSC 05 Boys RM TVSC Violent Conduct 3 Games Fulfilled
1/30/2016 4733112 CDO U14 CDO Serious Foul Play 1 Game Fulfilled
1/30/2016 6866293 FREEDOM SC ELITE Freedom second yellow 1+1 (2) Games Fulfilled
1/23/2016 NA TSA 06 Boys Garelick Bacelona (AZ) TSA Second Yellow – Dissent directed at Ref 3+1 (4) Games Fulfilled
11/21/2015 NA TVSC – 99 TVSC NA NA Card Returned
11/21/2015 6686932 Fort Lowell TM 02 Rayados Arizona White FLSC Second Yellow 1 Game Card Returned
10/31/2015 5467191 TSA 01/00 Boys Blue TSA double yellow with dissent 1+1 (2) Games Card Returned
10/31/2015 4912939 Freedom SC Santos Freedom Second Yellow 1 Game Card Returned
10/31/2015 Unknown/Manager TVSC 04 Boys Red TVSC Second Yellow< 3+1 (4) Games Card Returned
10/31/2015 5473580 TSA 04 Boys Red TSA Second Yellow 1 Game Card Returned
10/10/2015 990416/Admin SVSC SVSC Dissent Directed at Ref 1+1 Game Card Returned
10/10/2015 982858/Admin TSA TSA Dissent Directed at Ref 1+1 Game Card Returned
10/10/2015 6634572 Southwest SC 99/00 SWSC Violent Conduct 3 Games Card Returned
10/10/2015 7950411 Southwest SC 99/00 SWSC Violent Conduct 3 Games Card Returned
10/10/2015 4795926 FC Sonora, The Force FC Sonora Language 1+1 Games Card Returned
10/10/2015 Admin Sereno 06Serenounion Sereno SC, Nogales Improper Cards 5 Games Card Returned
10/3/2015 NA Southern Arizona FC Synergy Southern AZ SC Language 3+1 Games Card Returned
10/3/2015 5856202 TSA 02/03 White Southern AZ SCTSA Second Yellow 1 Game Card Returned
10/3/2015 NA TVSC 01 Boys White TVSC Language 2 Games Card Returned
9/26/2015 5473673 Tucson Aztecs – 02Red Tucson Aztecs Second Yellow 1 Game Card Returned
9/19/2015 4902754 Vail SC Shakhtar Vail SC Violent Conduct First Half of Season Card Returned
9/19/2015 5485106 Southern Arizona SC Thunderbirds SASC Serious Foul Play 1 Game Card Returned
9/19/2015 57207230 Sereno Nogales Sereno SC, Nogales Serious Foul Play 3 Games Card Returned
SFP Serious Foul Play
DOGSO-H Denies Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity by Handling the ball
DOGSO-F Denies Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity by Fouling
VC Violent Conduct
S Spits at anyone
L Language – uses offensive, insulting language
DY Double Yellow – receives 2nd caution in same game

PCJSL Discipline and Review Committee (D & R)

Duties and Powers

The D & R Committee shall have the following powers and duties:A. To conduct investigations of all grievances and protests coming to the League.B. To conduct hearings of all protests and grievances and to take evidence at such hearings.C. To render and enforce decisions on all protests and grievances which have been investigated and heard by the Committee subject to these Bylaws and such rules and regulations as may from time to time be promulgated by the Board of Directors of the League.

D. The Chairman of the Committee may remand any D&R protest or grievance to a full hearing by PCJSL board of Directors as deemed necessary.

D & R Procedures

1. The D & R Committee meets as needed. Red cards (Referee Misconduct Reports) are received by the committee chairperson who determines a suspension based on the “Standard Red Card Suspensions” as recommended by the State D&R. Issues other than the standard as listed are referred to a minimum of three members of the committee for adjudication. Coaches/players/witnesses may submit information to the committee immediately after the incident leading to the red card to help the committee make a fair decision. If no other information is received the committee will read the referee report, interview the referee if further explanation is needed, and make their decision. Decisions will be posted on the D&R Section of the PCJSL web site.

2. Be advised any red card automatically results in a minimum of a one game suspension. If the eviction was of a coach, administrator, or parent, the minimum is a two game suspension. The issue of the eviction is not appealable, unless the basis is that the eviction was of the wrong person.

3. The team/club is responsible to insure the person evicted does not participate in the proper number of games pursuant to the listed punishment, and a “Suspension Fulfillment Form” is provided to the D&R Committee upon completion. At that time the player card will be returned to the club/team.

4. If a team is scheduled to go to a tournament, the red card suspension will be served in the tournament, the team may make arrangements to receive the player card prior to the suspension being served, with the understanding that the “Suspension Fulfillment Form” showing the player sat out the proper number of games of his/her punishment be returned to the D&R chairperson within 48 hours after the tournament ends.

5. Be advised tournaments are not under the jurisdiction of the PCJSL D&R Committee, so cards received during a tournament are dealt with by the individual tournament.

6. The D & R Committee, individually and as a committee, in their ordinary review of issues brought before them, may uncover violations of league (PCJSL, AYSA, USYSA) rules. Once before them, they cannot be ignored, and will be acted upon.

7. Depending on the severity of the offense, any coach or team official, involved with more than one team, who is suspended, may be suspended from any and all teams with which the individual is involved(has an AYSA card for), until the suspension is served for the team from which the suspension resulted. The offenses may include, but are not limited to, violent conduct, referee assault, and multiple violations in the same season, et al.

8. In all cases whereby teams were found to have played “illegal” or “ineligible” players, and in cases of violations of the PCJSL loan player policy, besides the standard “red card” suspensions, a 3/0 forfeit will be awarded. At the total expense of the offending party, and with the agreement of the opponent, the game may be replayed in its entirety, with that result becoming the official score.

9. In all situations not directly addressed by these rules, the “Committee” shall determine compliance and fairness to all parties involved.


All protests of grievances shall be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Grievance Committee accompanied by a protest fee of $25.00. Such protests shall be postmarked no later than ten (10) days after the action or game being protested occurred and shall be sent by first class mail, postage prepaid. In computing the time for submitting such protest or grievance, the date upon which the action or game occurred shall not be counted.


Any person, club, team or other member of the League who has been the subject of a disciplinary proceeding may appeal any decision of the D & R Committee. Any person desiring to appeal to the Board of Directors shall do so by written notice to the President of the Board and the chairman of the committee within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the decision of the Committee. A copy of such notice shall also be served upon the Chairman of the Committee. Upon receipt of the notice of appeal, the Chairman of the Committee shall forward to the President of the League the record of the proceedings out of which the appeal arose, together with all other evidence presented to the Committee in the case being appealed. Any further appeals of the case beyond the Board of Directors of the League shall by following the procedures as set forth by AYSA and in accordance with the rules and regulations provided by AYSA and its governing bodies. The procedure to be followed for appealing beyond the Board of Directors of the League shall be those promulgated by the applicable association to which such appeal is being taken.


1. The Role of Parents in Sports — excellent, brief, free online seminar: http://nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=18000

2. Online course about how to be a better sports parent: http://www.positivecoach.org/our-work/online-courses/
Watch video here: http://www.positivecoach.org/our-work/online-courses/second-goal-parent-developing-winners-in-life-through-sport/

3. Five Signs of a Nightmare Sports Parent: http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/more-family-fun/201202/what-makes-nightmare-sports-parent

4. What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Perform: http://growingleaders.com/blog/what-parents-should-say-as-their-kids-perform/

5. 10 Things Soccer Parents Should Know
Gordon Deal
Wall Street Journal
May 25, 2012

6. Arizona Youth Soccer Association bylaw on behavior:
“Coaches and other team officials shall be subject to all rules pertaining to misconduct contained herein, including cautions, ejections and standard suspensions. Any other individual who may be reasonably construed as being associated with a team, such as relatives and spectators, shall also be subject to the jurisdiction and authority of the Association. Any coach or team official shall be held responsible for the actions of any individual(s) at any match that, in the opinion of the referee, is a supporter of that team.”

7. PCJSL follows AYSA Red Card Procedures when suspending players and Administrators. (link here, AYSA Red Card Procedures, page 44.).