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PCJSL Winter/Spring Season – Registration is open!

PCJSL Winter/Spring Season – Registration is open!

Dear PCJSL Soccer Clubs, Coaches, Parents and Players,

The Winter/Spring 2018 soccer season is just around the corner and we are excited to continue moving forward with changes to improve your soccer experience as we move into the second half of the 2017-18 season!


Please see the important dates below, listed in two sections based on the age of the players involved. It is extremely important that we adhere to this schedule in order to allow appropriate time for the scheduling process, so please understand that we won’t be able to make any exceptions to these dates.

For both flighting and scheduling feedback, we developed a Google Form that must be filled out completely and submitted before we can consider your input. Emails, text messages and voice mails will not be utilized to make adjustments to the flighting or the draft schedule. Please help us do a better job giving you what you want by using these forms to provide us with the information we need. Links to both forms will be provided in future emails regarding flighting and the draft schedule, and will also be posted at PCJSL.COM.

All U9 and U10 teams should note that you will be placed in divisions for the winter/spring based on the games you played in Fall 2017, but all winter/spring games will be scheduled at the beginning of the season and we will not be using the Play Block format that created two separate sets of games – there will be no re-flighting in the middle of the Winter/Spring event .


All U9 – U14 teams

* Dec 16 – Registration closes
* Dec 18 – Flighting Google Doc posted with proposed flighting (coaches/managers emailed)
* Dec 18-21 – Accept feedback re:flighting requests/changes using
Google Form
* Dec 21 – Operations Committee meets (only if necessary) to
FINALIZE flighting for U9-14
* Dec 22 – Scheduling coordinator begins scheduling U9-14 teams
* Jan 4 – “First Draft” U9-14 schedule published for identification
of errors (coaches/managers emailed)
* Jan 7 – Errors requiring schedule adjustments must be posted
using Google Form
* Jan 8 – Final Schedule LOCKED
* Jan 20 – First play date for U9-14 teams

All U15 – U19 teams

* Feb 3 – Registration closes
* Feb 5 – Flighting Google Doc posted with proposed flighting
(coaches/managers emailed)
* Feb 5-7 – Accept feedback re:flighting requests/changes using
Google Form
* Feb 8 – Operations Committee meets (only if necessary) to
FINALIZE flighting
* Feb 9 -Feb 18 – Scheduling coordinator creates schedule
* Feb 18 – “First Draft” schedule email sent for identification of
errors (coaches/managers emailed)
* Feb 22 – Errors requiring schedule adjustments must be posted
using Google Form
* Feb 25 – Final Schedule LOCKED
* Mar 10 – First play date for U15-U19 teams

WINTER/SPRING 2017 Play Dates

It is PCJSL’s desire to schedule four games for teams during the winter/spring of 2018 – Due to resource issues (referees and fields), the league has decided not to schedule games on any tournament weekends (Shoot-out – Jan 12-14; Jacobs – Feb 9-11; CDO – Apr 6-8). Games will also NOT be scheduled on Rodeo weekend. Because games are not being scheduled on three tournament weekends in Tucson, only one black-out date will be allowed.

When possible, fields and referees will be made available for teams that choose to use any of the dates above for any needed make-up games. In addition, after your team has completed its four scheduled games, if you have indicated your desire to play more than four games by checking the box on the registration application, your team will be matched with other age-appropriate teams and allowed to schedule friendlies/scrimmages on Saturdays where fields and referees are available.

The change from six scheduled games to four scheduled games is only being made this winter/spring session due to a lack of resources (fields and referees) and we are hoping that things will be back “to normal” next fall.

U9 – U14 Play Dates
* Allowed one Saturday blackout date
* Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 17, Mar 10, Mar 17, Mar 24, Mar 31

U15 – U19 Play Dates
* Allowed one Saturday blackout date
* Mar 10, Mar 17, Mar 24, Mar 31, Apr 14, Apr 21, Apr 28, May 5,
May 12

We look forward to a great second half of the season!

Jeff Welliver
PCJSL VP of Competition

Pima Cup 2018 is Coming!

Pima Cup 2018 is Coming!

The Annual Dick Giebner Pima Cup will be held March 2-4 and it’s going to be better than ever. We are addressing the problems from last year, including late release of game schedules, late notification of needed volunteers, volunteer training and lagging score keeping.

We’d like your input on any other problem areas you feel need to be corrected.

Pima Cup is a joint effort of all our clubs. It provides the funds that allow PCJSL to add to the scholarship monies and help meet the needs of our clubs. The proceeds also serve to keep League fees as low as possible. We need the support of you, your volunteers and your teams. We will be asking for a list of volunteer field marshals in January, so please start securing volunteers. We will share with you the number needed and the fields where they will work as soon as possible, but in the meantime please use last year’s request as an approximate number of people we’ll need.

Most important, please encourage coaches and their teams to participate – the registration application is open now and can be accessed at <> . We want to return Pima Cup to its standing as the Southern Arizona Championships for our players at both the recreational and competitive levels. The Pima Cup trophy from year’s past will be on display and we’ll have a new Cup listing the winners starting this year. Working together, we can return Pima Cup to a great end-of-the-year experience with excellent flighting and a tournament that celebrates soccer in Southern Arizona.

Your Giebner Pima Cup Committee

Maggie Barton

Pat Dunham

Connie Gardner

U9 and U10 schedule through Dec 16 is live!

U9 and U10 schedule through Dec 16 is live!

From: Maggie Barton []
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2017 3:43 PM
To: Maggie Barton
Subject: U9 and U10 schedule through Dec 16 is live!

Dear U9 and U10 coaches, team managers and team contacts,

The U9 and U10 schedule for play dates Nov 18, Dec 2, Dec 9 and Dec 16 has been published. If there is a problem you need to find it in the next 72 hours and use the form at the link below to report it. Please do not email or call me – I need the report posted in the document at the link below.

At 5pm on Thursday, Nov 9, the schedule will be locked, and any changes after that date will cause you to be fined. Please don’t ignore this request to review your schedule.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator

Respect the Game Program and Field Marshal Video

Respect the Game Program


What began as an experimental program in Tucson a year ago, was met with such enthusiasm and experienced such success that AYSA has decided to implement the program statewide on a voluntary basis.


All AYSA players, parents and coaches will sign a new Code of Conduct this Fall promising to end bad behavior and abuse of game officials. Failure to comply can result in mandatory Anger Management and fines. Reminders in the way of signage and trained sideline field marshals reminding everyone to, “RESPECT THE GAME” will be employed to assure compliance.

At the same time coaches will have the ability to evaluate referee performance using the new “Rate-a-Ref” on line program. These evaluations will assist our referee administrators in mentoring and educating referees and rewarding those who exceed standards. Similarly, referees will be encouraged to evaluate the coaches in the new “Rate-a-Coach” program which will assist DOC’s in their education and mentoring of their coaches.

In conclusion, the program is designed to aid in recruiting new referees and properly recognizing and rewarding those who excel.

Be Kind…..on the Sidelines

The spectator’s job is to enjoy the game! Keep comments positive and general, rather than directed at individual players. Be supportive of both teams.

The coach’s job is to coach the players! Additional coaching from the sidelines distracts players and may affect their performances.

The referee’s job is to officiate the game. Respect the difficulty of this position by allowing the refs to work without interruption.

The soccer field is a learning environment for players. Spectators serve as powerful role models for good sportsmanship.



October and November Schedule locked!

October and November Schedule locked!

Dear Coaches, Managers, and Team Contacts,

Thanks much for the feedback you provided about the October and November schedule play dates. The schedule has been adjusted because of feedback I received and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you look at your schedule again to note any changes that were needed.

I apologize, but I missed some things in the scheduling process that required changes – a fair number on Oct 14 – but there were also a few others scattered over the two months involved. The schedule is now LOCKED through the end of November.

If you need to make a change, there will be a minimum $50 fine. If you wait until less than 7 days before you need to cancel a game, the fine will be $100. If you wait until the day before your game, or you simply fail to show up at the scheduled game, the fine will be $150. All fines will be billed to your club and clubs that do not pay their fines can be placed in bad standing. PLEASE don’t let this happen.

I hope to have the schedule for December play dates published within the next 48 hours and will send another email at that time providing you 72 hours to review the schedule and provide feedback on our feedback form.

Thanks for working with me to make our kid’s soccer experience the best experience possible.

Maggie Barton
PCSJL Scheduling Coordinator

U9-14 PCJSL Schedule (Oct 14 – Nov 18) is live

U9-14 PCJSL Schedule (Oct 14 – Nov 18) is live

Dear Coaches, Managers and Team Contacts,

All games for October 14, 21, 28 and Nov 4, 11, and 18 have been assigned to fields and times. If you are associated with a U9 or U10 team, please remember that you won’t see any games for November or December until after PCJSL re-flights those younger teams and posts the second Play Block for those ages in early November.

Please review the six dates above and provide any necessary feedback using the form that can be accessed at . If you delete this email, you can find the link to this form on the PCJSL web site home page, just above the calendar near the bottom of the page. I will accept feedback for these six dates (please no emails or telephone calls) until midnight on Wednesday, Oct 4. After that time, any change that is made to any play date in Oct or Nov will cause your club to be fined. Please see the PCJSL Administrative Handbook, pg19-20 for information about fines and the process for rescheduling a match that you cancel.

I plan to schedule the remaining three dates (Dec 2, 9 and 16) in the next two or three days and will again provide several days for you to review and provide feedback about those last three dates before locking the schedule.

I look forward to any feedback you provide and will make every effort to work with you and your concerns.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator

PCJSL Scheduling In Progress

PCJSL Scheduling In Progress

Dear All,

Some of you may have noticed that games have been assigned to fields and times for Oct 14. I will continue moving through the schedule one date at a time, but I figured I could provide you the opportunity to give feedback starting immediately rather than waiting until all dates through Dec 16 are finished.

As you see things that concern you, I am happy to accept your feedback, BUT I am respectfully asking that you do not call me OR email me with this feedback. I need to stay focused on the scheduling process and having to stop to answer phone calls and/or address a full email inbox prevents me from doing that. More importantly, when I work from different computers/devices, I need to have a centralized place to find the information you are asking me to address. The Google Doc form that we’ve been using for the past two seasons has worked well, so that’s where you need to go if you have a problem to report. Here’s the link:

Once I start working the problem, I will likely respond to you by email and I will always try to include the game number(s) in the subject line of the email. It is important that you respond back to me using that same email subject line so that we can keep track of the important information. There are currently 565 games in the GotSoccer system for this Fall 2017 event and I cannot keep track of anything without a game number to reference. Please help me by providing this information when there is any kind of issue with a game.

When all games in the schedule are assigned to fields and times, I will send another email giving everyone at least 72 hours for one final look. Then the entire schedule will be locked (Oct 7 is the only locked date right now) and your club will be fined if you need to reschedule. Please refer to pages 19-20 in the PCJSL Administrative Handbook for information about fines and the rescheduling process.

Here’s the link again for the Scheduling Problem report form: .

The text from this email will also be posted on the PCJSL.COM home page.

Thank you all very much!

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator