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Respect the Game Program

Respect the Game Program


What began as an experimental program in Tucson a year ago, was met with such enthusiasm and experienced such success that AYSA has decided to implement the program statewide on a voluntary basis.


All AYSA players, parents and coaches will sign a new Code of Conduct this Fall promising to end bad behavior and abuse of game officials. Failure to comply can result in mandatory Anger Management and fines. Reminders in the way of signage and trained sideline field marshals reminding everyone to, “RESPECT THE GAME” will be employed to assure compliance.

At the same time coaches will have the ability to evaluate referee performance using the new “Rate-a-Ref” on line program. These evaluations will assist our referee administrators in mentoring and educating referees and rewarding those who exceed standards. Similarly, referees will be encouraged to evaluate the coaches in the new “Rate-a-Coach” program which will assist DOC’s in their education and mentoring of their coaches.

In conclusion, the program is designed to aid in recruiting new referees and properly recognizing and rewarding those who excel.

Be Kind…..on the Sidelines

The spectator’s job is to enjoy the game! Keep comments positive and general, rather than directed at individual players. Be supportive of both teams.

The coach’s job is to coach the players! Additional coaching from the sidelines distracts players and may affect their performances.

The referee’s job is to officiate the game. Respect the difficulty of this position by allowing the refs to work without interruption.

The soccer field is a learning environment for players. Spectators serve as powerful role models for good sportsmanship.



October and November Schedule locked!

October and November Schedule locked!

Dear Coaches, Managers, and Team Contacts,

Thanks much for the feedback you provided about the October and November schedule play dates. The schedule has been adjusted because of feedback I received and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you look at your schedule again to note any changes that were needed.

I apologize, but I missed some things in the scheduling process that required changes – a fair number on Oct 14 – but there were also a few others scattered over the two months involved. The schedule is now LOCKED through the end of November.

If you need to make a change, there will be a minimum $50 fine. If you wait until less than 7 days before you need to cancel a game, the fine will be $100. If you wait until the day before your game, or you simply fail to show up at the scheduled game, the fine will be $150. All fines will be billed to your club and clubs that do not pay their fines can be placed in bad standing. PLEASE don’t let this happen.

I hope to have the schedule for December play dates published within the next 48 hours and will send another email at that time providing you 72 hours to review the schedule and provide feedback on our feedback form.

Thanks for working with me to make our kid’s soccer experience the best experience possible.

Maggie Barton
PCSJL Scheduling Coordinator

Fall 2017 season for PCJSL

Fall 2017 season for PCJSL

Dear PCJSL coaches, team managers and team contacts,

The time has come to get registered for the Fall 2017 season, but there are two different closing dates depending on the age of your team.

U15 – 19 teams – Registration closes August 5, 2017
U9 – 14 teams – Registration closes August 28 (if there are U9 or U10 teams that cannot be formed by August 28, you may register later, but will only be scheduled in Play Block 2, which starts on Nov 11 and you will only play three games in the Fall 2017 season.

This year, before you are allowed to complete registration you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the PCJSL Handbook, which I have attached here . Although there is a link in the GotSoccer application that will also allow you to obtain a copy of the handbook, that link won’t be functional until later this coming weekend after our Communications Commissioner returns home and is able to place the handbook on the web site.

If any of you have trouble getting the link in this email to work, you can send me an email and I will try to send a copy to you directly. You should NOT acknowledge that you have read the handbook until you actually do so because you will be held responsible for all of the information presented there and your failure to follow rules, policies and guidelines set forth in the handbook may create issues for you and your team.

The link for registration is and it will also be available on the PCJSL web site later this weekend. Please be sure to follow the directions in the handbook for selecting your black out dates because not all age groups are allowed two dates due to the limited number of Saturdays available to play league matches.

U15 – 19 teams only get to select ONE black-out date. If you need a second date for a tournament, you may get one, but only by following the rules in the handbook at page 13.

U9-10 teams also only get to select ONE black-out date in Play Block 2 (no blackouts allowed in Play Block 1). You may, however, get a Black-out date in Play Block 1 to attend a tournament, but only by following the rules at page 13.

Failure to follow this policy will prevent your team from being accepted until the issue is resolved.

We are very excited about our continued efforts to improve your soccer experience with PCJSL and we look forward to the upcoming season. A standings list from the last season will be posted in the next few days and I will follow up with another email containing a link to a Google Doc where you can look at how your team compares to others that played during that season.

Until the next email, respectfully yours,
Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator

How to find a place for your child to play Soccer in Pima County

How to find a place for your child to play Soccer in Pima County

We receive many inquiries from parents either new to soccer or new to Pima County about how to get their child started in soccer and onto a team. As you will see, you must work with one of the many fine soccer clubs that operate in Pima County, not with the PCJSL organization itself.

If you are interested in your child playing soccer in Pima County here are the steps you should follow.

    First, look at our page , or even the AYSA page where you will find out which clubs are operating in which area of town. You can also find web pages, email addresses and phone numbers for these clubs.

    Second, you should go to the web page of the different clubs you saw on the club directory and investigate where they practice, their history, their philosophies, etc.

    Third, reach out to the clubs you are interested in and determine which one is the right fit for you and your child.

    Lastly, pick one of those clubs and register your child directly with that club.

Pima County Junior Soccer League (PCJSL) is the managing body for all soccer in Pima County. We are a sub organization of Arizona Youth Soccer which is a sub organization of US Youth Soccer. We do not have teams or players. All team and players fall under a club that is in our Club Directory.

We hope this helps and have fun with Soccer!