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Coaches Meeting 2019

Message from the President

Thank you to everyone who attended this event.

If you did not attend this event for the training and to pick up your lanyards for the coming season, you will need to find a way to get them before the first games coming up next weekend.  If you do not have a lanyard and coaching card from GotSoccer you may be questioned by the referees and opposing coaches at your game.
You should contact your Club President or the PCJSL Registrar or PCJSL Referee Coordinator to arrange to verify you have a coaching card and pick up your lanyard.  PCJSL Contact information can be found at

PCJSL Lanyard Policy, Rules Changes, and Laws of the Game Changes

Larry Luckett – Referee Comissioner

*** Important: Maximum 3 team officials in technical area with lanyards and cards. No excetptions. No lanyard = no game ***

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Message from the Scheduler

Charlie McCabe – VP of Competition

Maggie Barton – PCJSL Scheduler

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D&R Info

Detlef Lange – PCJSL Vice President

  1. Red Cards (your input?)
  2. Standard Suspensions
    1. Hearing
  3. Suspension fulfillment
  4. PCJSL Red Cards
    1. Red cards from Leagues, tournaments
  5. Issues with Referees
  6. Sideline Conduct
  7. State League Players – PCJSL Games
    1. Suspension – per game
    2. Specific timeframe

Upcoming Referee Clinics

Larry Luckett – Referee Comissioner

October 7 – Doolen Middle School – 9 AM – 2 PM

October 20 – Doolen Middle School – 9AM – 2 PM

November 17 – Doolen Middle School – 9AM – 2 PM

To Register go to : – under New Referees section

Referee Pay:

U 9/10 – $25/$15/$15

U 11/12 – $30/$17/$17

U 13/14 – $35/$20/$20

U 15/16 – $40/$25/$25

U 17/19 – $45/$28/$28

Coaching Education Pathways

Chris Blundell – ASA Director of Player Development

Intro to Grassroots