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Winter/Spring Schedule 2022

Dear All,

Please read this email CAREFULLY. Review your team’s schedule ASAP. Note that you may see Jan 1 games listed. Those are games that GotSport could not place on a date because of blackout conflicts, but they still need to be set up on dates and you all need to help in that process. In addition, there were some “glitches” in the blackout date process for some of you and I’ve already heard about games scheduled on dates that you thought you blacked out. In some cases, I’ve already moved those games to Jan 1, but in other cases they may still be sitting on a date when you cannot play them. Any game with a Jan 1 date or a game currently sitting on a date that you cannot play requires you to fill out a Google form. That form will ultimately lead to getting you and your opponent together to agree on a date (and maybe even a time and field if the game is going to be played mid-week).

Google form:

You can only list one game per form. If you try to list multiple games on the same form, I will send you an email and ask you to start over. I will be available to facilitate getting you information to make the adjustments to your schedule that you desire, but I will not be responsible for doing all the work. There are too many of you and only one of me and the approach I took in the fall was inefficient and won’t be repeated. The most important thing for you to deal with immediately is any game scheduled from January 22 through March 26 that can’t be played on that date. To prevent your club from being fined an administrative fee of $50, you MUST fill out the form for each game that can’t be played BEFORE Thursday, Jan 13 at 6:00p. Any forms I receive AFTER Jan 13 at 6:00p will cause your club to be billed at least $50/game that needs to be changed. The idea here is get the season organized and not make changes for the next three months. We will use this same form throughout the season to address game changes that come up later. However, the administrative fees for those game changes will be based on how much time there is between your request and the date the game is scheduled. More than 7 days out is $50. Between 7 days and 24 hours out is $100 plus referee fees. Less than 24 hours out (or a no-show) is $150 plus referee fees. The league is trying to discourage changes once play dates are on the schedule. Please help us make this work. For your convenience, here’s the link for the schedule:

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate reaching out. I’ll do my best to answer them or help you find an answer.