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Winter 2022

PCJSL registration for the Winter/Spring 2022 season is open (link below in Registration Instructions).  The application will close on JANUARY 5 for U9-14 TEAMS and JANUARY 19 for U15-19 TEAMS. No teams will be accepted after the appropriate age close date unless the team completes a division where the league is short a team.


PCJSL will be playing games on the following eight dates for each age group:


Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12, Feb 26, Mar 12, Mar 19, and Mar 26


Feb 26, Mar 12, Mar 19, Apr 2, Apr 23, Apr 30, and May 7

Before you begin the registration process it is highly recommended that you communicate with your families about their travel plans during this season.  Your team is expected to play on any of the eight dates listed for your age-group UNLESS you black out up to two of those dates. Blackouts aren’t just for tournaments that you plan to attend – they are also needed for dates when your families are traveling due to events like Rodeo Break (Feb 26), your school district spring breaks, etc.  Please note the following spring breaks that PCJSL found online for Spring 2022:

Vail – Mar 5 – March 19

Amphi, Marana, TUSD, Sahuarita, Sierra Vista – Mar 12 – Mar 19

Flowing Wells – March 19 – March 26

You do not need to black out Jan 15 (Shoot-Out), Feb 19 (Jacob’s Classic), Apr 9 (CDO Challenge Cup), or Apr 16 (Easter weekend) as PCJSL has not listed those dates as play dates.  ANY OTHER tournament dates need to be blacked out. Also keep in mind that President’s Cup will be played from April 9 through the first weekend in May, so if you plan to play in that event, you and your families may need to make choices about other black outs.


Use the link here ( to log into your GotSport account. Any teams with which you are associated as a coach or manager should be listed for you with a Register button.  If you don’t see a team listed, you can use the Search box located on that page.

Click the Register button and carefully create or edit your profile (this information will be used to contact you during the season and it is important that it is accurate). When your profile is complete, SAVE and CONTINUE

If you are a returning team, carefully edit the Team Information making sure that Gender and Event Age, as well as Preferred Division are correct.  Although placement in divisions is not guaranteed and depends on a number of factors, it is important you select the division where you would “prefer” your team to be placed. Click on SAVE and CONTINUE

Carefully read and acknowledge the BLACKOUT DATE INFORMATION by checking the box. Click on SAVE and CONTINUE

If you need to select any BLACKOUT DATES you may do so using the Schedule Requests page, remembering that no more than two dates are allowed AND if you select even one date your team may be required to play a game mid-week. We do not have enough available play dates during the season in order to schedule six games per team AND allow blackouts, so mid-week games are going to be a necessity.  Also, adding or changing a selected date after registration closes (Jan 5 for U9-14 teams and Jan 19 for U15-19 teams) may cause administrative fees to be billed to your club.  When finished with Schedule Requests click SAVE and CONTINUE.

On the Roster Review page, make sure that the Team Officials and their function (coach or manager) listed are correct and remove/add anyone that needs to be listed.  Again, if this is a returning team and a coach or manager is no longer involved with the team, please remove that person, as well as adding the new coach or manager replacing them.  THIS IS IMPORTANT to be sure that PCJSL has the ability to contact the correct people involved with the team. If you don’t have this information, please contact your club registrar as soon as possible and get it.  Click CONTINUE.

If you are able to add/delete  team players at this time it is a good idea to do so if possible.  If not, you can click CONTINUE and add them later.

Although no fees are charged to teams belonging to a PCJSL club for regular season play, GotSport requires you to select a Fee at this stage of the registration process. Select the Regular Season fee.  If you are team from a Non-PCJSL club, you need to select the $300 bond fee.  No fee will be paid at the time of registration, but you will be invoiced.

If you have questions, please send them to and we will get them answered as quickly as possible.