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Understanding Your Player’s Insurance

When you register your child with the soccer club you’ve chosen, your player is registered through the Arizona Soccer Association. The Association provides insurance coverage if your child is injured in a covered soccer event and after the deductible is met. You want to keep this important benefit ready to use. Here are tips that will help you have the coverage if you need it.

  • Know that this is secondary insurance. It will only apply after your primary health insurance coverage.
  • If your child does not have health insurance, the policy becomes primary – but only for covered events.
  • The insurance covers players, coaches, assistant coaches, etc. as long as they are members of ASA.

            Here are the steps to take to make sure the coverage is in effect.

  • Make sure you are playing in an event sanctioned by ASA. All PCJSL League games are sanctioned. However, some tournaments are not. You can find a list of sanctioned tournaments on the Arizona Soccer Association website at – if the tournament is not listed, ask your coach or call the ASA office and make sure that your ASA insurance applies.
  • If your player is injured, file a claim. CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE INCIDENT TO BE VALID. You may not think the injury is serious but fill out an injury report and file it anyway. You don’t want to find out you could benefit from the coverage after the filing period has passed. This form and instructions on filling it out and filing it are on the Arizona Soccer Association website under “resources” and then “forms and downloads”.

            The player injury insurance is another benefit provided by ASA and PCJSL. If you have any questions, call the League Registrar, Pat Dunham, at 520-440-5259.