U9-14 October 7 schedule published (COACHES PLEASE REVIEW IMMEDIATELY)

U9-14 October 7 schedule published (COACHES PLEASE REVIEW IMMEDIATELY)

Dear coaches, team managers and team contacts,

The PCJSL schedule for Oct 7 is published. This date was published so that you can look at it and then I can “lock” it and get it to our referee assignor for assigning. If you see a problem, please email pcjsl.scheduler@gmail.com as soon as possible. I will only accept emails about Oct 7 and try to accommodate concerns until Monday, Oct 25 at midnight. After that, the schedule for Oct 7 will be locked and any changes will cause your club to be fined. Please see the PCJSL Administrative Handbook for information regarding fines and rescheduling games.

I will continue working on the remainder of the schedule (dates from Oct 14 through Dec 16) and hope to publish it next week. The scheduling process is going slowly due to the number of coaches with multiple teams and my attempts to create as few conflicts as possible when scheduling nearly 500 games.

Please remember if you coach more than one team, you are responsible to arrange for another AYSA approved adult from your club to be with your team when you cannot be there. I will make every effort to prevent conflicts, but with 36 of you it is close to impossible to make it happen every week and in many cases it is going to require that you drive from one field complex to another.

***DEADLINE FOR FEEDBACK RE:OCT 7 is Monday, Sept 25 at midnight!!!***

2017 Fall Schedule

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator