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U9-14 Flights are Set; Scheduling is underway

U9-14 Flights are Set; Scheduling is underway

Dear coaches, managers and team contacts,

Thank you very much for the thoughtful feedback provided regarding the flighting process. We have been through all feedback forms and made every attempt to adjust the flights in a way that was fair to all teams. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and we have neither control over how many teams register in any given age group nor how many of those teams are returning with play histories v new teams that are “unknowns.” We simply try as hard as we can to create the best competitive environment possible for the kids. Please know that many hours were spent looking through information provided by many of you in order to do the best job possible.

The scheduling process has started and no further changes will be made to the flights until November when we look at all U9 and U10 games to see if adjustments are needed at those age levels only. At that time, we may also be adding more U9 and U10 teams and those teams will be given only three games for the fall season.

Clearly, due to the “out of format” concerns that had to be addressed earlier this month, we are behind the timeline that was posted on the web site and in our handbook, but I am working as quickly as possible to get a schedule published so that you all have three or four days to review it for errors and I have time to make corrections and then get it to our assignors no later than Sept 30.

Please understand that scheduling 450+ games in this short time frame will not happen without some mistakes, so your attention to detail AS SOON AS I PUBLISH THE SCHEDULE will be greatly appreciated. An email will go out when I publish with a three or four-day deadline to provide feedback. Please don’t ignore this.

Fixing things before we lock the schedule will prevent your club from being fined when you later discover a problem. Once the schedule is locked no changes will be made without a fine being imposed. Please see pages 19-20 of the PCJSL Administrative Handbook for more information about rescheduling, and the fines that are incurred when you need to make a change.


Maggie Barton

PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator