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U15-19 Schedule is LOCKED!

U15-19 Schedule is LOCKED!

Dear coaches, managers and team contacts,

The Fall 2017 U15-19 schedule is locked! Changes can no longer be made without causing your club to incur a fine. In other words, if you cannot play a game on a date where you were scheduled AND YOU DIDN’T FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FEEDBACK FORM to notify PCJSL about the problem prior to Sept 1, you will be fined according to the schedule laid out at page 19 of the PCJSL Administrative Handbook, which is posted on the PCJSL web site (and which you all stated you had read before you were allowed to submit your registration for the season. Please remember to look at the schedule again because there were changes made to accommodate a few mistakes and a few cases where I was able to find space for a game that needed to be rescheduled due to the “second tournament” accommodation that we created in lieu of giving teams two black-out dates. (See page 13 of the Handbook).

Where I was unable to find space, the following games were removed from the schedule due to one or both teams needing to reschedule and instructions about rescheduling were provided to the coach/manager who notified PCJSL about the problem:

Sept 9
Game 299 – CDO 99G Blue v FC Sonora Lady Hawks

Sept 16
Game 256 – CDO 03/04G Gold v Freedom 03 Dynamite

Oct 7
Game 317 – TVSC 99B Blue v Fort Lowell Nero 99 Thundercats
Game 286 – FC Sonora Lady Hawks v CDO 01/02G Gold

Oct 21
Game 44 – Fort Lowell 02 Eintracht Eagles v TSA 02G Black

Oct 28
Game 312 Fort Lowell TM Deportivo Mexico v TSA 01B Red

These games need to be placed back on the schedule as soon as possible. There may be some Saturday options available for fields, but you cannot assume the field you see as “open” on the schedule is available – YOU MUST CHECK WITH ME ( ). Many of your opponents may already have a Saturday game and not be willing to play a double-header, so it may require you to find a field in the middle of the week.

Once you have a field and an agreement with your opponent to play at a specific date and time, please get me that information (do not forget to include the game number in your email) and I will place it on the GotSoccer schedule so that it no longer shows as “Unassigned.” Please remember that PCJSL needs a minimum of one week to assign referees, so don’t send me an email about a reschedule with less than one week left before you want to play.

All teams are expected to play their full six game schedule. Failure to cooperate with your opponent in re-scheduling one of these matches isn’t good for the league and is unfair to your opponent. Please help us get all games back on the schedule.

Thanks to all for cooperating with the creation of this season’s schedule. I look forward to an awesome soccer season!~

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator