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U15-19 Flighting for Winter 2017 (Feb 6 is review deadline)

Dear PCJSL coaches, managers, team contacts and club administrators,

Registration for all U15-19 teams playing in the Winter 2017 PCJSL event has closed and I’ve compiled a flighting spreadsheet based on where the teams ended up after the Fall 2016 season. All registered teams were listed in the order in which they finished in the Fall 2016 with new teams being placed at the bottom of the list. There were a couple of relegations from state league and some new teams. Unfortunately, there were also a number of teams that DID NOT register for Winter 2017.

In any age group where we had at least eleven teams, multiple divisions were created. If there were only four to ten teams registered for an age group, one division was created. In the girls divisions, we had to combine U18 and U19, as well as U16 and U17, in order to give the two U19 girls teams and the one U16 girls team a place to play.

There really aren’t any decisions to be made with flighting due to the fact that all fall 2016 teams had six game scores collected and the standings speak for themselves. However, we are posting the spreadsheet as a Google Sheet Doc so that everyone can look at the spreadsheet and provide us with any feedback they feel is necessary. Here is the link to that document:

After reviewing the document, if you have feedback, please do not call or send an email. Instead, use the link to the Google form below for your comments:

You will be able to review the Google Sheet Doc with flighting information and make comments until Monday, Feb 6 at midnight. After that date/time, the flights will be final and the scheduling process will begin.

Be sure that you have indicated black-out dates in your application, or email if you are having trouble marking black-out dates on your calendar. Adding black outs AFTER scheduling starts on Tuesday, Feb 7 will not be possible. If you need to look at the list of play dates again, here’s the link:

Getting six games played with only eight play dates will be very difficult without setting up double-headers, so please be aware of that now. We are attempting to obtain fields on the first two weekends in May to alleviate this problem (that will add two additional dates), but as of right now, we don’t have them. Your patience and understanding will be appreciated. For teams that cannot play double-headers, you will be allowed to work with your opponents to play during the middle of the week, but PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING A FIELD FROM YOUR CLUB.

I continue to enjoy working as the PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator and I hope you all know that I am working hard to accommodate as many of your needs as I can.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator