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Review Jan 20 schedule BEFORE 9pm Tuesday, Jan 9

Review Jan 20 schedule BEFORE 9pm Tuesday, Jan 9

Dear Coaches, Team Managers and Team Contacts,

The scheduling process is underway and, in fact, all matchups for this season’s 4 (four) scheduled games have been placed on dates based on the black-out information you provided when you applied for the Winter/Spring event.

The games for Jan 20 have been assigned to times and fields for that date and it is very important that you take the next 48 hours to review January 20 and let me know if you see a problem.

Please understand that a problem doesn’t include your failure to provide appropriate black-out information when you filled out the application. I cannot re-do the matchups at this point in time. If you cannot play on Jan 20 it is your responsibility to contact your opponent immediately and work out another date/time/field to make-up the Jan 20 match. It is possible that I may have room for the game on a Saturday date in the future, but you need to get your opponent’s agreement before you contact me to move the game. And, this must be done in the next 48 hours.

Many of you have asked me to accommodate situations where your team is sharing players with another team. I cannot begin to remember all of the teams involved and which teams need players for which other teams – It’s information that neither GotSoccer nor Maggie can keep track of. To the extent that I can make a minor change in the schedule to accommodate your need, I will try if you contact me with specific information. However, PCJSL policy does not encourage creating teams that don’t have enough players to play without borrowing from another team, so I cannot promise being able to fix all the issues you send to me.

For those of you who coach multiple teams, I’ll say something similar – I’ve tried to de-conflict the schedule so that you don’t have your teams playing at the same time, but it’s not something I can always fix because of the large number of you with multiple teams. All coaches are required to have another US Club approved adult from their club who can be with their team(s) when they are unable to be there, so please keep that in mind.

Please don’t reply to this email with a scheduling issue. Instead, use the Google Form at the link below to notify us of an issue.

The only date I’m greatly concerned about is Jan 20 (so that it can be locked and sent to the assignor). Feedback about Jan 20 must be submitted on the form above no later than Tuesday, Jan 9 at 9:00pm.

For Unassigned Games after Jan 20, if there’s a black out issue related to a date that you REQUESTED, you may also submit that information now and I will fix it before I assign games to times and fields on the future dates.

If there’s a black out issue that was created because you didn’t request a black out, please contact your opponent immediately and get an agreement for a new date – the sooner you get this done, the easier it will be for you to get the issue fixed. If you need your opponent’s contact information, please let me know and I will email it to you. If you have trouble reaching your opponent, let me know so that I can at least remove your unassigned game from the date that won’t work for you.

I’m sorry to include so much information in one email, but there are a lot of “moving parts” to make the season happen and without your help, I can’t do it. I hope Jan 20 works as is, but if not, please let me hear from you soon.