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Preliminary Flighting for U9-14 teams

Preliminary Flighting for U9-14 teams

Dear Coaches, Managers and Team Contacts,

I have just posted the Google Document with Fall 2017 Preliminary Flighting information for all U9-14 teams. Where possible we tried to follow the flighting protocol discussed at pages 16-18 in the PCJSL Administrative Handbook. In one situation (U13 and U14 girls), due to having only two U14 teams sign up, we had to adjust the normal protocol and create a combined U13-14 division so that the two U14 teams would have a place to play. We did this by adding the top three U13 teams to the two U14 teams to create a five team division. PLEASE NOTE THAT NEITHER OF THE U14 TEAMS IS A “PURE” U14 TEAM – there are multiple younger players on both teams.

You can find the preliminary flighting document at .

It is extremely important that you review this document ASAP because the flighting needs to be finalized quickly. A google feedback form has also been posted and if you have concerns about your team’s placement, you have until Thursday, Sept 14 at midnight to fill out this form. Please DO NOT send emails regarding flighting – use the form. Feedback received AFTER midnight on Thursday, Sept 14 will not be considered in the flighting process.

The Google Flighting Feedback form can be found at .

Please provide as much detailed information as possible to help the league operations committee make decisions about your concerns; flighting decisions will be made taking all teams and players into consideration. Your understanding will be appreciated if we are unable to accommodate your specific request.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator