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PCJSL Winter/Spring 2019 Season Information

The Winter/Spring 2019 soccer season is just around the corner and we are
excited to continue moving forward with changes to improve your soccer experience as
we move into the second half of the 2018-19 season!


Please see the important dates below, listed in two sections based on the age of
the players involved. It is extremely important that we adhere to this schedule in order
to allow appropriate time for the scheduling process, so please understand that we
won’t be able to make any exceptions to these dates.

For both flighting and scheduling feedback, we will again use a Google Form that
must be filled out completely and submitted before we can consider your input. Emails,
text messages and voice mails will not be utilized to make adjustments to the flighting
or the draft schedule. Please help us do a better job giving you what you want by using
these forms to provide us with the information we need. Links to both forms will be
provided in future emails regarding flighting and the draft schedule.

All U9 and U10 teams should note that you will be placed in divisions for the
winter/spring based on the games you played in Fall 2018, but all winter/spring games
will be scheduled at the beginning of the season and we will not be using the Play Block
format that created two separate sets of games – there will be no re-flighting in the
middle of the Winter/Spring event.


All U9 – U14 teams
• Dec 16 – Registration closes
• Dec 19 – Proposed flighting Google Doc posted (coaches/managers emailed)
• Dec 20-23 – Accept feedback re:flighting requests/changes using Google Form
• Dec 24 – Final flighting posted for U9-14 teams
• Dec 26 – Scheduling coordinator begins scheduling U9-14 teams
• Jan 2 – Schedule for Jan 12 games in U9-14 schedule published for identification of
errors (email to coaches/managers providing deadline for feedback)
• U9-14 Scheduling continues with emails sent to coaches/managers with feedback
• Jan 12 – First play date for U9-14 teams

All U15 – U19 teams
• Feb 3 – Registration closes
• Feb 6 – Proposed flighting Google Doc posted (coaches/managers emailed)
• Feb 7-10 – Accept feedback re:flighting requests/changes using Google Form
• Feb 11 – Final flighting posted for U15-19 teams
• Feb 12 – Feb 19 – Scheduling coordinator creates schedule
• Feb 20 – Schedule published for identification of errors (coaches/managers emailed)
• Feb 23 – Errors requiring schedule adjustments must be posted using Google Form
• Mar 9 – First play date for U15-U19 teams

WINTER/SPRING 2019 Play Dates

It is PCJSL’s desire to schedule six games for teams during the winter/spring of 2019, but due to resource issues (fields/referees), regular pcjsl games will not be scheduled on four Tucson tournament weekends (Shoot-out – Jan 18-20; Jacobs – Feb 8-10; Pima Cup – Mar 1-3; and CDO – Apr 5-7). However, in order to have enough dates to play six games, matches WILL be scheduled on Rodeo weekend (Feb 23) and the weekends before and after the various school district Spring Breaks. (See list of school district dates below)
If you choose to play in the PCJSL Winter/Spring 2019 event, you will be expected to play on any listed play date (see list of dates below) UNLESS YOU BLACK IT OUT. Because the local tournaments are being blacked out, teams will be allowed only one additional black-out date during the application process.
When possible, fields and referees will be made available for teams that choose to use any of the tournament dates above for any needed make-up games.
When selecting your one allowed blackout date, please keep the following school district spring break dates in mind, and talk to your player’s parents about their plans to be out of town. Last minute cancellations will cause your club to be fined.

Amphitheater – March 16-23
Flowing Wells – April 13-20
Marana – March 16-23
Sahuarita – March 9-16
TUSD – March 16-23
Vail – March 9-23

Teams choosing to play in President’s Cup or State Cup (Apr 12-14, Apr 26-28) will be allowed to work outside of the PCJSL re-scheduling policy if PCJSL games conflict with their President’s Cup or State Cup schedule.

U9 – U14 Play Dates
• Allowed one Saturday blackout date
Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 16, Feb 23 Mar 9, Mar 16, Mar 23, Mar 30

U15 – U19 Play Dates
• Allowed one Saturday blackout date
Mar 9, Mar 16, Mar 23, Mar 30, Apr 13, Apr 20, Apr 27, May 4, May 11

Schedule Link :

We look forward to a great second half of the season!