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PCJSL U9-14 GotSoccer Matchups complete

Dear Coaches, Team Managers and Team Contacts,

Flighting was finalized earlier today and the teams were set up in GotSoccer.  The matchup process is complete and you can see the dates that your team(s) will play if you go to the PCJSL website and click on the schedule link.  Please note that all games appear to be scheduled at 12:00am (that’s midnight), but none of them have been assigned to a field or an actual play time.  I’d prefer it if GotSoccer used TBA for the game time, but they didn’t ask me what I preferred and that’s the way they do it. 🙂

Games will not be assigned to fields/times on the dates you can see until later next week.  This will give you time to look at the schedule and note the dates you will be expected to play.

– There were a large number of conflicts because of black-out dates and many of those had to be “de-conflicted” by setting up a double-header for one or both teams.  If you can’t play a double-header, we’ll find another option.

– There were a number of games scheduled on Oct 27, which is the Socctoberfest tournament, but I hoped the teams involved weren’t playing that tournament.  If those teams are entering that tournament, then we’ll find another option.

– There were three games that I know have a conflict in October for sure, but they are U9 or U10 games and those teams weren’t allowed a black-out date between Oct 6 and Oct 27, so those teams will need to refer to page 13 of the PCJSL Administrative Handbook for the procedure they need to follow in order to go forward.

Please don’t stress if you see things that you don’t like or don’t understand.  It is quite possible that I simply made a mistake that can be fixed easily.  If not, I will work with you to provide contact information for your opponent and we will all work together to make the season a good one for our kids.  I know that all the changes this season have made things crazy – I know this because I feel like my own head is about to explode!  If we work together we can find solutions to the problems and we can make our fall soccer season a good one.

I am leaving town tomorrow for a family wedding and will not be returning to Tucson until late Monday night following my State Grand Jury service in Phoenix. I won’t start placing games on fields with assigned times until later next week, so everyone has time to let me know if you see a problem with a GAME DATE.

Here’s the link to the form you need to use (please no calls or emails) and I’d greatly appreciate hearing about your concerns by Tuesday, Sept 25 at midnight: 

Thank you all very much for your timely help in reviewing the game dates in the schedule.  It will make the next phase of scheduling much easier.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator