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PCJSL U15-19 schedule

Dear All,

The Scheduling process is underway!

Matchups for all U15-19 teams have been generated by GotSoccer and you can look at the play dates assigned to your team(s) here: . I’ve sent this link to our communications commissioner and asked for him to put it on the website (PCJSL.COM) and I’m sure he will get that done as soon as he can. In the meantime, hang on to this email or bookmark the page when you open it in your browser.

All U15-19 games are on the schedule for the fall season, but actual fields/times have only been assigned through Oct 6, 2018. I will continue working through the calendar, but right now my only real concern is SEPTEMBER. Please review the September schedule as soon as possible and get back to me if you see a problem. I’ve tried very hard to address special requests, as well as making sure coaches with multiple teams aren’t playing at the same time. When possible, I also try to work it out so that you don’t drive to multiple fields, or if you have to drive that you have time to do so. If this isn’t true for September that is what I need to know.

YOUR DEADLINE FOR REVIEW OF SEPTEMBER IS TUESDAY, AUGUST 28 AT 5:00PM. Please use the Google Form linked below to tell me about your concerns. PLEASE don’t fill my inbox with emails or blow up my phone with messages – I need this form filled out so that I can work with your information, regardless of my location. Emails in my home computer inbox don’t help me when I’m out of town, which occurs weekly during my State Grand Jury service in Phoenix.

If I need to make any changes due to an error or something that I missed, I will check with all teams before making the change. It is important that you pay attention to email/voice mail and respond promptly during this process. The September schedule will be locked at 5pm on August 28 and any changes requested after that time will cause your club to be fined per the schedule on page 19 in the PCJSL Administrative Handbook (posted on the website).

If you want to look at October and November to see the dates you will be assigned to fields/times, please do so and let me know of any concerns – again, please use the form linked above. I won’t be finalizing the October schedule until the U9-14 teams are all registered, but it can’t hurt to know about problems you see now. Anything you see in October and later may change without notice, so please don’t rely on it. When I’m ready to finalize October, an email similar to this one will go out and you’ll have time to respond using our form.

The only way I can do this job is with the help of all of your eyes. If you don’t bother to look NOW and then see something after the schedule is locked, I won’t be able to fix it and the consequences, including substantial fines, will be yours. PLEASE HELP ME make this season work!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator