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Fall 2018 General Season Information

Dear PCJSL coaches, team managers and team contacts,

Registration for the PCJSL Fall 2018 season is open, and the application link has been posted on the PCJSL website (PCJSL.COM).  I’m also including a copy of the link in this email:

Please be aware of the Important Dates listed below:

All U15 – U19 teams

●    Aug 9 – Registration closes – Updated to 11PM August 14
●    Aug 12 – Flighting Google Doc posted with proposed flighting – will happen after registration closes
●    Aug 12 – 17 – Accept feedback re:flighting requests/changes using Google Form
●    Aug 26 – “First Draft” U15-19 schedule published for identification of errors
●    Aug 31 – Errors requiring schedule adjustments must be posted using Google Form
●    Sep 1 – Schedule LOCKED (changes will generate a fine to your club)
●    Sep 8 – First play date for U15-19 teams

All U9 – U14 teams

●    Sep 1 – Registration closes for U11-14 teams and all U9-10 teams that want 6 games 
●    Sep 3 – Flighting Google Doc posted with proposed flighting
●    Sep 3 – Sep 8 – Accept feedback re: flighting requests/changes using Google Form
●    Sep 20 – “First Draft” schedule published for identification of errors
●    Sep 24 – Errors requiring schedule adjustments must be posted using Google Form
●    Sep 25 – Schedule LOCKED  (changes will generate a fine to your club)
●    Oct 6  – First play date for U9-U14 teams
●    Oct 21 – Registration closes for U9-10 teams that will play only in Play Block 2 (teams will only get 3 games) 

You may fill out your application anytime before registration closes for your age-group (see above), but if you do so before August 1, it appears that GotSoccer will place your team in an age-group one year younger than is correct for the 2018-19 season.  Don’t worry about this – I will correct it and send you an email to let you know that this has been fixed.

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO BLACK-OUT DATE SELECTION – If you have already filled out your application, you may have noticed that you couldn’t select black outs.  That has been corrected, so you need to go back into your account and select black outs on the calendar if there are any play dates that your team cannot play. It is terribly frustrating for me to spend hours creating a schedule only to have a team tell me they cannot play on a date that they did not black out.  Please help me by giving your families the play dates listed below and making sure that you can play on those dates.  If not, black out the date!

FALL 2018 Play Dates

It is PCJSL’s desire to schedule six games for all teams during the Fall 2018 Season.

U15 – U19 Play Dates
.    Allowed one Saturday blackout date
.    Sep 8Sep 15Sep 29Oct 6Oct 13Oct 20Nov 3Nov 10Nov 17

U11 – U14 Play Dates
●    Allowed two Saturday blackout dates
●    Oct 6Oct 13Oct 20Oct 27Nov 3Nov 10Nov 17Dec 1Dec 8Dec 15

U9/U10 Play Dates
.    Allowed one Saturday black out date in Play Block 2
.    Play Block 1 – Oct 6Oct 13Oct 20Oct 27
.    Nov 3 – NO GAMES – re-flighting will occur between Oct 27 and Nov 3
.    Play block 2 – Nov 10, Nov 17Dec 1Dec 8Dec 15

I know this is a lot of material, but ask that you read it, and re-read it, to be sure that you have the information.  The 2018-19 Handbook will be posted later this week (after a new PCJSL treasurer is elected at the board meeting on Wednesday, July 25) and you can find the information above, plus many other things there.

I look forward to a great season and am always happy to hear from you with questions and/or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

All the best,
Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator