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Matchups for spring U9-14 season complete!

The flighting is finished and the game matchups have been created for all six of your team’s games in the Winter/Spring 2020 season.  The schedule can be found at the link in this email and it will soon be published on PCJSL.COM.
Schedule Link:
Currently, you should be able to find all six of your team’s games assigned to a date.  The time should say TBA (or it might say 12:00am, but you all know that we don’t play at midnight).  The field will be “unassigned.” 

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you review the schedule ASAP and make sure that you see six games and each of those games is on a date that you can play.  Due to the relatively low number of available play dates, and the fact that we gave teams two black-out dates, there are a number of double headers.  I have Tuesday and Wednesday full-sized fields (one each Tuesday and one each Wednesday) if we need them for 11v11 games, but I don’t have mid-week fields for 7v7 or 9v9 games.
11v11 teams (U13 and U14) may be able to move Saturday games to one of the Tuesday or Wednesday fields.  However, 7v7 and 9v9 teams will have to get a field from their club (ask your club before you contact me) if you want to play on a week day.
The bottom line is that ALL TEAMS MUST REVIEW the schedule posted at the link above BEFORE Thursday, Jan 2 at 5pm and report any dates that you cannot play a game (or games).  If you don’t fill out this form BEFORE Jan 2 at 5pm and you later ask to move a game to a different date, your club will be fined.  I MUST GET THESE DATES LOCKED down by this coming Thursday at 5pm – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
Please don’t contact me to provide feedback about your flighting.  The time for that has come and gone and we cannot make changes to flights.  If you see one or more dates on the schedule that you cannot play, please fill out the form linked below.  If you have a game on a date that you can play, but there’s a timeframe that works better (like morning or afternoon), please use the form to provide that information.  I always make every effort that I can make to accommodate you.  Please remember, however, that I may not be able to fix the issue and all teams are required to have an ASA approved adult from their club who can be with the team when you cannot. 
Play Date Feedback Form Link:
Please remember – Thursday, Jan 2 at 5:00pm is the deadline for this feedback without a fine being imposed.