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Dear Coaches, Team Managers and Team Contacts,

All match-ups for U9-U19 teams have been completed in GotSoccer for the Winter/Spring 2018 season. The next step in the process is assigning those matchups, which are already set on specific dates, to a field at a specific time on the specified date. If you log into your team’s GotSoccer account, you can see the dates where the games will be scheduled, but the only date that currently has games assigned to fields/times is March 10. All other games will simply show as “UNASSIGNED.”

My major concern over the next three days is March 10 because I need to get that date’s games into our assignor’s hands so she can assign referees. You will have until Sunday night, February 18 at midnight to let me know if there is a problem with March 10 using the form that is linked below:

Please do not call or email me about scheduling issues – use the form that you can access by clicking on the link above. On Sunday, Feb 18 at midnight, the March 10 schedule will be locked and any changes that need to be made after that will cause your club to be fined per the fine schedule posted in the PCJSL Administrative Handbook at PCJSL.COM.

If you see other issues with the dates of Unassigned Games (for example, I’ve placed one on a date that you blacked-out), please use the form to let me know about that also. I will do everything I can to resolve those issues as quickly as possible using another date later in the season. The U9-14 season has its last Play Date on March 31, and the U15-19 season has its last play date on May 12.

For the older kids, I know that ACT and SAT exams are coming up and I also know that those exams are scheduled far in advance, so please find out NOW if your team will have an issue related to one of those exams. I cannot fix it for you if you wait until the week before the game. In fact, once I lock a date on the schedule, even if I can figure out a fix, your club will be fined based on how far out you notify me of the problem. PLEASE BE PROACTIVE and talk to you teams in advance. Your players have to register very early for these exams, so there’s no excuse for not knowing what dates will be a problem.

For those teams that plan to enter either President’s Cup or State Cup, please know that I will work with you to arrange PCJSL games around either of those tournament schedules. However, I need to know about your intention to play in one of those tournaments far in advance – not two or three weeks before I’ve scheduled you a PCJSL game and not AFTER one of those April/May dates has been locked. If you are playing in one of those tournaments you need to fill out the Schedule Problem form (the link above in this email) right now so that I can work around the dates now.

I believe that we continue to make progress with the scheduling process and I hope that what I’m doing makes things work better for you and your teams. If you have questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me at . And, if you decide to use an old email to reply to me, please change the subject line so that I at least have an idea about what you are asking.

Thanks, as always, for your continued help in making PCJSL a great place to play soccer.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator

Now that March 10 is published, I’ll start working on March 17 and continue through the calendar as quickly as I can. I will always give you at least 72 hours notice before I lock a date, so please make an effort to help me by checking your email more than once or twice a week.