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Jan 21 Schedule published – 36 hours to notify of errors!!!

Dear PCJSL membership,

Due to the large number of double-headers over the coming months, it is taking a great deal longer than I anticipated to assign games to fields and times for each Saturday’s schedule. I have just completed Jan 21 and it is published. Due to the needs we have for assigning referees to games, I have to be able to “lock” the published schedule as soon as possible so that assignors can start to do their job.

There were 27 double-headers on the Jan 21 schedule and I made every effort to make sure those games were scheduled so that the teams with the double-headers had at least a two-game break. I also did everything I could to prevent time conflicts for coaches with multiple teams (teams playing at the same time). However, I know there are going to be issues for many of you having to drive from one field to another and there simply isn’t anything I can do to fix that.

If you find an error for Jan 21, you have until 5pm on Monday, Jan 9 to fill out the Schedule Problem form ( ) so that we can look at finding a solution. Before 5pm on Monday, Jan 9, there will be no fine imposed for any changes that need to be made. However, AFTER 5pm Jan 9, if you require a change to be made to the Jan 21 schedule, your club will be fined per the Schedule Change fine table on the PCJSL web site ( ). The minimum fine is $50.

Please do not send emails or make telephone calls – use the form to report your concerns about the Jan 21 schedule.

I will begin working on the Jan 28 schedule this evening and send another email as soon as that date is complete. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to move forward with our season.

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator