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Letter – Fall 2016 Draft Schedule for U12-14 (Division I only) and all U15-19 teams

Letter – Fall 2016 Draft Schedule for U12-14 (Division I only) and all U15-19 teams

The Fall 2016 schedule for all U15-19 teams and U12-14 Division I teams is complete and this announcement provides you with a link to a Google Doc folder that was set up to allow you to see the schedule for all teams. Our plan was to have the schedule completed by Aug 27, and we are pleased to provide it to the league a day early!

Link to Google Docs folder:

The link above provides access to a Google Doc folder that contains two spreadsheets; one for girls games and another for boys games. Each spreadsheet has a tab for each age group playing this fall. You can click on the age group for your team and you will find a chart that allows you to see both your home and away games by date, time and field.

As was previously approved at the August 20 flighting meeting, because we do not have enough U16 and U17 girls’ teams to create separate divisions, there is only a U17 division and U16 teams will be playing in that division. Similarly, there were not enough U18 and U19 girls’ teams, so there is only a U19 division and the U18 teams will be playing in that division.

The scheduling process is not a simple one and we are sharing the following information so that you know how we tried to work things out for everyone. All teams should have six total games and we tried hard to schedule “home” games on fields that were closer to your club’s part of town and the area where you practice. Unfortunately, that was not always possible for several reasons.

Not all field complexes have all fields sizes (7v7, 9v9 and 11v11), and all field complexes are not available to PCJSL on every weekend. Also, there are currently 35 coaches in our league that have two or more teams. Although the location of games for home teams was a higher priority, we made every effort to accommodate coaches with multiple teams and schedule so that those coaches don’t need to be in two places at the same time. We were successful in addressing all of those game time conflicts, but we were not always able to schedule your games at the same field complex, so there will likely be some travel involved to get to all of your games. We tried to give you plenty of travel time, but that also is not always possible. You should have another adult with an AYSA pass available to be with a team at the start of a game if you can’t be there on time.

Due to all the blackout requests, there were five games that involved a double-header for one or both teams; Maggie will be communicating directly with those coaches to provide some options if the double-header is not something your team can do.

Please review the schedule and let us know how we did. Maggie has reviewed the games several different ways and we hope there aren’t any errors (for example, you were scheduled on a requested blackout date or you didn’t get six games), but your eyes may see something that Maggie didn’t. Please bring it to our attention immediately.

As previously announced, we will only be correcting errors in the schedule. In order to fix any error you find we need to hear about it as soon as possible, but NO LATER THAN 12:00pm (NOON) ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31. Please send errors to PCJSL.SCHEDULER@GMAIL.COM and PCJSL.VPCOMP@GMAIL.COM. Any errors that are found before NOON next Wednesday will be addressed as quickly as possible and we hope to publish the final LOCKED schedule on no later than Saturday, Sept 3. Once the schedule is published on the web site, no changes will be made.
Thanks for working with us and good luck this season!

Ezz Mohran
PCJSL VP of Competition

Collier Hill
PCJSL Operations Committee Chair

Maggie Barton
PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator