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Letter – Fall 2016 DRAFT Schedule for U9-14 teams

Letter – Fall 2016 DRAFT Schedule for U9-14 teams

Dear coaches, managers, club presidents, club directors of coaching and PCJSL board members,

You are highly encouraged to review and MUST report any errors before the Saturday, Sept 24, 12:00pm (noon) deadline.

We are delighted to announce that the Scheduling Coordinator has completed the schedule for Phase II of the fall 2016 season for the U9-14 teams whose season Kick-off is set for Oct 1st, 2016. FOR THESE TEAMS THE SCHEDULE IS IN ITS DRAFT STATUS and is now accessible from PCJSL.COM. Please do not print for distribution purposes at this time.

For the record, Phase I & II have a total of 707 games (“Phase I” has 300 games that started on September 10, and “Phase II” has 407 additional U9-U14 games that have been added today in the GotSoccer schedule).


As you are reviewing the PHASE II schedule please keep the following six points in mind:

1) U9 and U10 Games are scheduled in TWO BLOCKS;
a. Block “I” takes place during the month of October, and is followed by a dark date on Saturday, November 5.
b. Block “II” occurs during the months of November and December.
c. During the week prior to Nov 5 – the dark date – the Operations committee will revisit the Divisions’ Standings and may implement necessary changes to the Divisions to assure CLEAN PLAY. After the review, Block “II” will be scheduled and you will be notified.

2) In Block “I” for U9 & U10 divisions, there are Divisions with an odd number of teams that required having one team play a fourth game in order to be sure that the other teams in the division played three games.

3) During Block “II”, the remaining three games for each team will be played and every effort will be made to insure that a different team gets “the extra game.” Standings will be mathematically normalized when we look at flighting for the 2017 Winter/Spring season so that any extra games in Block I and Block II won’t unfairly affect the teams that played them.

4) PHASE II currently has 46 coaches with two or more teams;
a. 31 coaches have two teams, and better than 95% of their game time conflicts were appropriately addressed.
b. The remaining 15 coaches have three or more teams. Coaches in this group are going to find time conflicts and you will need to find someone in your club with an AYSA pass who can be present with your team at the field on game days when you cannot be present yourself.

5) HOME TEAM CONCERNS; The Scheduling Coordinator, has attempted to schedule games for “home teams” on fields that are generally associated with their club, but field closures by the city and appropriately sized fields for small-sided games do not always make this possible.

6) The Scheduling Coordinator, Operations committee and the VP of Competition acknowledge the possible existence of Errors and are committed to fixing them. However, your failure to properly identify your black outs is not an Error.
a. You may certainly call your mistake to our attention and we will try to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee we can make that happen.
b. Should you need to cancel one game, contact your opponent and get an agreement to reschedule the game at a mutually agreed date and time on a field that either you or your opponent can arrange for.
c. Please review PCJSL.COM rescheduling rules for more details related to the fine.
d. Rescheduled games may take place in the middle of the week, but you might take note that there are fewer Saturday games on our fields in November and December, so it might be possible to schedule on a Saturday PCJSL field if you can fit your game into an open spot on the schedule. If you want to do that, contact Maggie, the Scheduling coordinator at

7) Please don’t print the schedule and distribute it as a final schedule until we NOTIFY YOU.

The deadline for identifying errors is Saturday, Sept 24 at 12:00pm.

Ezz Mohran
PCJSL VP of Competition

Collier Hill
Op Committee

Maggie Barton
Scheduling Coordinator