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Before The Cups

Last Play Dates for the Season. Please sign up soon, registration ends in two weeks!

Dear coaches and managers,

In one last effort to give our kids a little more competition before the April SAAZ Cups (Community Cup and Champions Cup) and ASA Cups (Presidents Cup and State Cup), PCJSL is providing two “End of Season” events that will be run similar to a tournament, but the league won’t be charging a tournament fee to play. Each event will provide for a minimum of three more games in the 2022-23 season and depending on the number of teams that enter and the way we are able to build flights, some teams may play four games. It will be like season play-offs and a fun opportunity to pick up three or four more games. Clubs will be billed for referee fees and field set up fees just like during regular season play – but again – your team will not be charged any fees to play. Registration for the U15-19 event closes on FEB 12, 2023, and registration for the U11-14 event closes on Feb 19, 2023. The U15-19 event games will be played on Saturday, March 4 and Saturday, March 11. Just like in a tournament, you will play two games on March 4 and one or two games on Saturday, March 11. If you cannot play on these two dates, please don’t enter – there will be no black out options. The U11-14 event games will be played on Saturday, March 18 and Saturday, March 25. You will play two games on the first date and one or two on March 25. If you cannot play on both dates, please don’t enter. You cannot enter blackout dates. As we always do with league play, every effort will be made de-conflict games for coaches with multiple teams but because all teams will be playing double-headers at least on Saturday, we cannot guarantee that all games will be de-conflicted. PCJSL requires that all coaches with multiple teams make arrangements for another U.S. Club approved adult to be with their team when you cannot be with the team. The event application links are below – please be sure you use the correct one for your team’s age group. You will be asked to select a “preferred” division, but our ability to place your team in that division will depend on the number of teams that enter, as well as the win/loss/draw history in both league play and tournaments played since Sept 2022. If you select Competitive or Least Competitive it is quite possible that you will be flighted with higher level teams if there aren’t at least three other teams requesting the same competitive level that you request. Please understand that it is also possible that we will need to create combined age-groups – it is not what we want, but we cannot control which teams enter the event and if there aren’t enough teams in any age-group we don’t want to have to turn teams away. The purpose of this event is to add a few more games to the season for everyone that wants to play. Please don’t sign up to play if you don’t intend to play. Teams that withdraw after the scheduling process starts because they don’t get what they want or change their mind about playing will cause their club to fined similar to the fines that occur when teams change their PCJSL schedule. ($50)


REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 12, 2023. ———————————————


REGISTRATION CLOSES FEB 19, 2023. ———————————————