August 29, 6:30PM Season Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Season Kick Off Meeting Agenda

AKS Clubhouse, Brandi Fenton Park

August 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM

We look forward to good attendance at this meeting where the following items will be discussed:

1) Welcome; discussion of “PCJSL Respect the Game“ (Ted 5 min)

2) Meeting Summary (Ezz 3 min)

3) D&R (Detlef 5 min)

4) Risk management (Pat 7 min)

5) Prohibiting ASL & APL players from Playing PCJSL games (Mack 5 min)

6) Game Score Reporting & Behavior before/during/after games (Ricardo 7 min)

7) Rate-A Ref program (Larry 5 min)

8) Practice field assignment and the new field sizes (Steve 7 min)

9) Scheduling process (Collier/Ezz/ Maggie 15 min)

a) Introduction (Collier)

b) Process – draft posted on Aug 26; error notification until Noon Aug 31

c) Questions/Comments about the process for future schedules