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2017 Flighting Message from the Scheduling Coordinator

2017 Flighting Message from the Scheduling Coordinator

Dear Coaches, Managers, DOCs/Club Presidents, December 9, 2016

As we move into the spring season, we are continuing the flighting process that we started in the fall 2016 season. We are now looking at the data from the fall season and ranking all teams in an age group based on their standings from fall 2016.

We originally anticipated a meeting on Dec 10, but with so many scores still outstanding, we decided the use of a Google Doc spreadsheet and the form discussed below would still allow everyone to see what we are doing and provide feedback. The following age/gender groups have completed all games that affect standings: U13 boys, U14 girls, U13 girls, U12 girls. The remaining age groups have a game or two that may affect standings.

The Google spreadsheet (see link below) remains A WORK IN PROGRESS and, as mentioned above may continue to be changed based on games that won’t be played until Dec 10 and/or Dec 17. This spreadsheet documenting the flighting process for the spring season can be found at:
Flighting Worksheet_U9_U14_Winter2017 .

1- The Google spreadsheet has a “Fall2016” tab and “Spr2017” for each age/gender group.

2- The only age groups involved at this time are U11-14. (U9 and U10 will be addressed after Dec 17 when their Play Block 2 games are all completed; U15-19 will be addressed after their registration period closes on Jan 28.)

3- The “Fall2016” sheet contains each team listed and ranked as it played in the fall, and the “Spr2017” sheet contains only those teams that are returning.

4- The 2017 sheet has teams placed in the spring division where that was possible as of today’s date (in other words promotion and relegation have already taken place). We will update these sheets as scores are reported on Dec 10 and, if needed, on Dec 17.

5- Once all the standings for each division are finalized, the top two teams in a division are promoted and the bottom two teams in a division are relegated.

6- Then, we look to see which teams have not returned to play in the spring and we remove their names from the list for each age group.

7- We will look at “specific” requests to place a team in a specific division that is not where they ended up after the fall 2016 season. Use the form below to make these requests.

8- We will do our best, when it is possible, to accommodate requests by contacting other teams and, when the data we have from the fall season supports the requested accommodation, we will try to do that.

9- After you look at the Google Doc linked above, we are asking everyone (including teams that still have games) to fill out the form that can be accessed with the link below. If you have concerns about the 2017 flighting (where you have been placed, or where you might be placed after we have remaining scores), please don’t call or send emails – instead, use the form at the link below. If we have questions, we will call you using the number you provide when you fill out the form.

Flighting Feedback Form for Winter/Spring 2017


Maggie Barton, PCJSL Scheduling Coordinator
CC/ Ezz Mohran, PCJSL VP of Competition
Collier Hill, Chairman of Competition Committee

A Copy of this letter can be viewed, printed, or downloaded here: