The Pima Cup 2013 has adopted a policy of “Zero Tolerance” relating to dissent and/or referee abuse from coaches, players AND sidelines. We request your assistance in keeping yourself, your team and sidelines in compliance so the referees do not have to stop the game during play.

After the game starts, if a referee hears dissent or verbal insults from the sideline about the referee or his/her assistant referees, the game will be stopped. The coach will be called to the touchline and receive a verbal warning. Please convey the consequences of further dissent/abusive comments to your sidelines at this time. If further dissent or referee abuse occurs, the offending individual(s) will be required to leave the field. Your cooperation in helping the referee to remove the offender(s) is expected. The game will continue after the ejection, but ONLY IF the sideline can remain in control. Following the ejection of ANY individual(s) from your sidelines, any continued dissent or verbally abusive comments will end the game IMMEDIATELY and the offending team will be given a forfeit with a recorded score of 3-0 in favor of the opponent. It is extremely important that you convey this information to everyone on your sidelines.

If the offending behavior comes from a player on the field, referees will use their red and yellow cards as usual. The process described above is ONLY for controlling the sideline.

Any ejection will result in the loss of 1 point per ejection in the standings.

2013 Tournament Director: Ted Schmidt   pimacup@pimacountyyouthsoccer.com
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