PCJSL Schedule Change Policy

2014 ByLaws 031914

Schedule changes will only be allowed for 72 hours after the schedule is given to Club Presidents at the beginning of each season. The only changes allowed within this time period will be due to a non-compliance issue with scheduling rules, i.e. scheduling a team for more than two games in a day, scheduling a team on a requested black-out date (when black-outs are allowed), etc. These changes can only be made by a club president or Director of Coaching (DOC). Coaches/managers cannot request changes directly.

Forgiveness for Schedule changes created by an emergency situation will be considered by the league scheduling committee on a case-by-case basis. Having a coach who is out of town, a player who cannot play, forgetting to enter a date when your team is entering a tournament, entering the wrong date, etc. are NOT emergencies and will be treated as violations of this policy. Violations of this policy are defined but not limited to:

  • Canceling the game in advance;
  • Failing to show for a game;
  • Forfeiting for lack of cards;
  • Forfeiting for insufficient number of players;
  • Forfeiting because there is no Risk Management cleared coach with a Coach’s Card;
  • Forfeiting for arriving late;
  • Having the game terminated for any reason for which your team is at fault;
  • Eligible Players Revised 10/24/2013

    For any youth to be eligible to compete in any PCJSL league game, they must be registered through Arizona Youth Soccer Association and have a valid, laminated player pass with a picture. The coach must be in possession of a signed emergency release form for that player.

    *AYSA policy 5171 states “A registered player of any member association of AYSA may not participate in any practices, games, tournaments, tryouts/evaluations of another club without the home club’s permission, if outside the defined tryout window. Home club’s permission is a signed AYSA Player Loan Form….”

    Game Card Revised 11/13/2012

    The GotSoccer game card is the official document for all PCJSL games. Referees should not start a game unless it is completely filled out with players’ names, numbers, etc. Be sure to indicate the number of loan players. If you have any questions concerning how many loan players can be used, please check the Loan Player Policy Rule.

    At the conclusion of the game, check the score before signing the card. Scores are posted from these cards. Make sure the correct score is attributed to the correct team. Also, if a red card has been given during the game, confirm the right player is indicated on the card. The game card is consulted on any question about a game – the score, red cards, etc. Coaches and referees need to work together to make sure it is correct.

    The GotSoccer League program now lets teams print the Game Cards for their upcoming league games directly from their team pages.

    a.) Teams can then login into their accounts at
    b.) The teams have to click onto your league link displayed on the Main Menu page.
    c.) Next, the teams have to click onto the Schedule tab.
    d.) To print the game cards the team must click on the Game Number.

    Loan Player Policy Revised 3/14/2013

    1. A team’s player passes are also club passes allowing players unlimited motion within their club in the spirit of player development.
    Explanation: Players may play for other teams within their club without any paperwork or limitations other than following existing rules of play, i.e., players may not play in a younger age group and can only participate in two games on any one day.

    2. For the second half of PCJSL, while we will accept State League teams as an entity, individual State League players may only roster on loan to a U18 or older team.

    3. To play a PCJSL League game, a team must have a minimum of 5 players (u11 and younger) or 7 players (u12 and older) who are registered to their team on the game roster.
    Explanation: The two policies above must be used within the guidelines of Policy #3, i.e., you could not play a game with only 4 or fewer registered players (youngers) or 6 or fewer registered players (olders) with the remainder of the roster coming from loan/club players.

    4. No player registered to a team participating in the Arizona State League, may play in a Pima County Junior Soccer League match.

    Risk Management

    Every person who works directly with youth, including but not limited to team managers, team moms, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, parents who help on a regular basis, etc. must be cleared through the PCJSL Risk Management Program. At that time an Administrative Pass will be issued to them as proof them have been Risk Management cleared. The Risk Management form is available under forms at The form should be completely filled out using the proper name – not nicknames. The original, completed form can be given to a Club Registrar to submit or mailed directly to Pat Dunham, c/o 6675 E. 22nd St., Tucson, AZ 85710. Any club who is found to be allowing an adult to work with players without this clearance may be subject to a bad-standing hearing.

    Sideline Seating Revised 8/14/2013

    In all games under the jurisdiction of AYSA, both players and coaches will be on one side of the field and all the parents on the other side. The coaches will decide which side will be the “team” side and will notify the referee prior to the game. Spectators should be seated between the coaching box (an area approximately 10 yards to each side of the center line) and the goal box and at least two yards from the side touch line. No one may sit behind a goal.

    Suspension Fulfillment Revised 10/24/2013

    When a coach, assistant coach, administrator, spectator or player is given a suspension for a red card or ejection from the field, a Suspension Fulfillment Form (available at under forms) must be completed and signed by the referees officiating at the game(s) where they are “sitting out.” Coaches, assistant coaches and administrators may not participate in any manner, including cell phones. Any person serving a red card should not sit in the immediate vicinity of the team and/or its spectators although they may be at the park. A team administrator is responsible for having the Suspension Fulfillment Form signed by the referees. A player shall serve his/her game suspension(s) with the team to which they are officially rostered with AYSA. If the player is multiple rostered, the suspension shall be served on his/her primary team. Red card sanctions received in PCJSL games must be served in PCJSL games except when the misconduct is referred to AYSA then AYSA will determine the sanction.

    Uniforms Revised 3/14/2013

    No Hard Casts.

    Players in PCJL are prohibited from wearing uniforms with their name imprinted on them. Sponsor names can appear on a uniform unless the sponsor/product could be deemed detrimental to youth, i.e., a liquor or beer, a tobacco company, gambling, etc.

    Uniforms should be identifiable as a “team” uniform. Referees will have final authority for accepting players in uniforms that are slightly different from the standard uniform of that team. All uniforms shall have a number and numbers will not be repeated on the field by players playing on the same team.

    In cases of conflict as determined by the referee, the home team is responsible for providing a jersey of an alternate color. It is not the intent of the League to create a forfeit because of jersey conflicts. Pennies, bibs, etc. may be used. It is strongly suggested that teams who do not have alternate jerseys have t-shirts in a color contrasting their uniform, pennies or bids available. However, in cases where the home team does not have an alternate jersey but the opposing team does, it is expected that in the spirit of sportsmanship the opposing team will wear their alternate jersey.

    Protect Your Players and Yourself !!


    As you prepare for the season, remember that if you are going to scrimmage or play an unaffiliated (not a member of PCJSL, AYSA or US Youth Soccer) team, you must get permission from AYSA/PCJSL first or your insurance coverage may be compromised. Please make sure that when you scrimmage, you are playing an affiliated team so insurance coverage is not in question. If you have any question about the affiliation status of a team, please contact Pat Dunham at 440-5259.

    Mercy Rule Revised 3/13/2012

    For U11 teams and above, after the completion of the first half of play, if there becomes a goal differential of 8 goals, the game/match will be halted. The leading team at that time will be declared the winner of the completed game/match. If not 8 at half, intent would be to stop game when it reaches 8. If both coaches agree then game can continue.

    Tie Breaker

    The following criteria shall be used, in sequence, as tiebreakers when two or more teams are tied in points in divisional standings:
    1. Head-to-head competition between the tied teams. Note: This criteria will not be used if more than two teams are tied and no single team has defeated all others with which it is tied.
    2. Goals differential (goals scored minus goals allowed). A limit of four will be counted per match.
    3. Least goals allowed. A limit of four will be counted per match.
    4. Most goals scored. A limit of four will be counted per match.
    5. Most wins.
    6. Most shutouts.
    7. In the event a tie remains between teams which may be promoted/relegated at the end of the 1st season (U11-U18 only) or the end of the seasonal year, the tied teams will play a shootout (FIFA kicks from the mark).