Make-Up Game Rescheduling Policy:

If you would like to have a makeup game from Fall Season 2013, PCJSL will accommodate a reschedule only if the following procedure is followed:

1. contact the opposing coach to verify they are willing to reschedule

2. choose a play date, time and field

a. PCJSL is not responsible for securing any fields, please go through your respective clubs – you must have permission from (1) the club holding the field permit for the middle of the week, or (2) the government entity that controls the field for Sundays

b. Proposed reschedules for mid-week or Sunday games can be submitted starting any time, but a minimum of seven days before kick-off is required

i. scheduling referees for single games can be difficult, so working with other teams who need to reschedule is preferable so that you can submit a request with two or more games. However, this is not required.

c. No proposed reschedules for Saturdays allowed until after 2/22/2014

i. you must find at least one other game (not involving the same teams) that needs to be rescheduled so that referees can be assigned to a minimum of two games.

ii. single games will not be honored

iii. please coordinate with your clubs to execute this requirement

3. notify VP of Competition in the following format:

a. Single games: Game # + New Date + Home Team + Away Team + New Field + New Time

b. Conscutive Games and/or Saturday Games

i. GameA # + New Date + Home Team + Away Team + New Field + New Time

ii. GameB # + New Date + Home Team + Away Team + New Field + New Time

iii. GameN # + New Date + Home Team + Away Team + New Field + New Time

4. Notification to VP of Competition must be 7 day minimum prior to proposed kickoff

5. Potential Rain Out

a. PCJSL is not responsible nor liable for field closure, inclement weather, or anything else that is beyond our control resulting in a game not being played

b. Reschedule cut off is May 1, 2014

i. if by chance your game is rained out, the latest you can reschedule is May 1, 2014

ii. PCJSL will not schedule games over the summer

6. Referees – You cannot schedule your own referees – they must be assigned by the PCJSL assignor to insure current USSF certification and compliance with AYSA’s risk management policy.